Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunny Day

This is a contest from Harley's Blog. The contest is Silent Communication Content. Sounds fun Harley! Didn't say anything about it having to be people- hehehe.

Sunny Day

A fox crouched low on the ground, just staring at the mouse in front of it. The mouse stopped and cocked its head, wondering why the fox was just staring at it. Then the mouse peered into the fox's eyes, wondering what is the fox's next move- will the fox pounce and kill it? Will the fox just stare at it? Is it hungry? The mouse quivered at the thought it is about to become food. The muscles of the fox was all tense as it would be if it is aiming to have a meal. The mouse quivered, especially seen through its whiskers. It is about to become eaten. The stare of the fox, the tense muscles, and concentration showed it. Then instinct kicked in and the mouse started scurrying away. The fox pounced and trapped the mouse in its large paws. What a great way for the fox to have an easy meal. Instead of eating the mouse however, the fox saw just how shook up the mouse was. The mouse quivered, struggling to be free. Taking pity the fox allowed the mouse to be free and hoped to come across a larger meal. The sun was still high in the sky.

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  1. You won! Congrats! Check out my blog for info to claim your prize!