Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Break

Summer started. New library in Cheyenne = huge + awsome. I will go out there more often in my spare time. This cheap Notebook from Walmart can actually replace my laptop! I would love not carry around 10 lbs or so during this fall semester in between class times. Goal is to get into band in the Spring and fix my Alto Sax in case he doesn't have a bassoon on hand. I am sure I will have a blast in the Fall though. In library I picked up "Eyes of the Dragon" written by Stephen King. I enjoy it especially since it's Fantasy, not Horror. I will need to spruce up my blog but then if I get into the right class I could really make it professional. I hope I can format my website into great looks and easy read. Still not quite figuring that out yet. After I learn what all I could do with a webcam I will post pictures taken of what I've done in class there. Time to spend time (of course useful) reading.