Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interview with Mark C. Bradley

What kind of book is (seems like to me anyway) the least common? Hehe Excellent poetry books. I have one of Mark's published poetry books, already read, in my room. ;) Umm- formal introduction: Today Interview is with Mark C. Bradley a poetry writer- who also has a Fantasy book too which I might try keeping updated with- I can say it has dragons, I think. Hehehe Okay I'll stop and let you see the interview.

What is your favorite color?


What inspired you to write?

I always had an active imagination, so story ideas came to my mind often.

If a plane is about to crash into a lake carrying all of your favorite books, which books would you grab (keep in mind you only have enough time to grab five books)?

 Lord of the Rings, 1984,

How many books have you published?

And I know it's poetry with a theme I can see easily. x)
How many books are you working on?


Can you imagine your fantasy books becoming a best seller?

I hope so

What is the craziest scenerio could you come up with?

Having a dream about someone and then the next day something happens involving that person that's similar to what I dreamt about.
I totally agree.
What are your writing rituals or writing routines if you have any?

I listen to music without words because I don't want to let the lyrics disrupt my chain of thought.
You're like me as far as preferred music to listen to when doing something. =)
How easy is it for you to write poetry?

Very easy. I can sometimes come up with one in a matter of minutes

Would it be fun to go skiing at top speed down a high hill?


Any advice or comments would you like to say?

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of things.

This has been a great interview. I will soon have SM Blooding up! (You might be lucky to see a few of her characters involved!) Hope you have fun!

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  1. Takes a poetic writer to be so verbose in their interview. lol
    Just kidding. Mark is an awesome writer and poet. Sure he'll have even more books in future, fiction and poetry.