Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview with Dawn Embers

Here I am, lucky enough to be able to interview a Fantasy writer- Dawn Embers. She has been writing for several years now and is planning on getting published. Dawn has her own blog and also a member of *probably only encourages his goals* She is living in the same state I currently am living in as well- Wyoming. Now, for the interview, I'll stop talking and let you read the interview now.

What was your inspiration to become a writer?

Well, this is a little tough because I can't pinpoint it. I always had an active imagination as a kid. We didn't have that many toys and we really didn't need many, me and my sister, because we made up our games. For writing, I started with poems back in junior high and then got my first idea for a book in high school. But I didn't start seriously writing till college.

If (well, I know you are) going for NaNoWiMo what type of book will it turn out?

There is a video of me as a little kid, reading from a book but the book is upside down. I was just making stuff up and pretending it came from the book. That's probably the first example.
For NaoNoWriMo 2010? I'm really not sure. I'm writing a mutant story for MarNo. Have three other novels going at this point. But I would guess either my mom's romance novel that comes from her idea, or I might do a fantasy with elves and all that good stuff. The kind I started wanting to write but haven't felt I could quite yet. We'll see how it goes when November gets here. If I start too many projects then my writer friends tend to lecture me. lol

Lol! Okay, How many books are you working one (including your MaNo novel)?

Well, several are started but as for working on this year... I have three novels that are first drafts and one novel that is a second draft rewrite. April I will also have a script for script frenzy to write. At least two novels are on the backburner at this point but could happen any time this year if I want to work on them.

Are any of your novels ready for publication (or else submitting to publishers/agents)?

Unfortunately, no. I have some short stories that I thought were ready for submission but it turns out I'm not a short writer. I am a novelist it seems. The rewrite is my first one ever and there is no way I will ever send out a rough draft. But I'm getting better with my writing so I hope to have one ready by next year.

If you were able to meet your favorite author(s) who would you like to meet?

Well, I have already met my favorite author from when I was young. I met Tamora Pierce at a conference in Colorado and even sat by her during a discussion. My next goal is to meet Neil Gaiman. He is an amazing author. I know he usually goes to World Con, so that is my goal for next year.

What are your writing rituals or writing routines?

I don't really have any. I can write in different situations and places. My first successful nano I wrote in an apartment with no internet and a coffee shop for the internet. I have to use the computer because my wrist doesn't handle long hand for too long. Wish I had a writing space with a comfortable desk and chair, no tv and music playing. But for now I settle for whatever I can get.

What is your favorite food?

I don't have a favorite food or anything like that. There are too many options to choose from and I like so many different things.

Would you like to tell about your favorite scene in one of the books you have written?

Wow. That is a good question and a bit tough. I guess a recent one would be in my Marno. The main character, Noah's boyfriend is gone to fight in a war that Noah is against. Since they are away for a long time, they decided to open their relationship for the time being. Noah and his best friend, who he lives with, get really close and there is a scene where they start to make out on the couch. Then Noah's mom walks in. I don't know why but it's fun to interrupt characters in that type of situation. And having his mom talking about him having a sex life is just icing on the cake.

If you were swimming and noticed several elves standing by the swimming pool what would you do?

Odd. Depends on the type of elf. I'd probably either keep swimming, or swim over to meet the elves because well, if my wdc username doesn't indicate, I love elves. :-D

Now... for my all-time favorite question... What is the craziest scenerio could you come up with?

That is a tall order there. It's hard to determine what is crazy. Or think with all the writing I've done so far this month. *ponders*
Does a chemist who dresses as a clown and turns womens bodies into mannequins count? or are you looking more for something like: a tall man moonlights as a short woman in a treehouse bar to hide his true existence from those that would hunt him. No idea where that one came from either.

Most certainly can be anything! Hehe Hence my favorite question. Last question: Any advice or comments would you like to share?

When it comes to writing the first draft: just write. Don't forget to edit and rewrite before submitting the story, but the first draft is about getting the story down and not perfection. As I've learned from Mur Lafftery on I Should Be Writing: It's hard to fix a blank page. So, just write. The old, real rule of writing is true and that is "writer's write".

Thank you for the wonderful interview! I wish you luck on all of your books- including the rewritings. *giggles* Have fun and well, mainly there are more interviews- and the enjoyment of random questions!


  1. Nice interview Angelica. I never realized that Dawn was a guy.

    Marsha (also a wdc member)

  2. My first time being interviewed. *grins*
    Great job. Though, I'm female instead of a he. And the first part of the nano answer was actually for the question above it, but no big deal there.

    It's kinda funny because on WDC I often get confused for male. Maybe it's the username (Elfmage7), which isn't gender specific. I never mind the confusion. It's kinda fun.

    I enjoyed the interview and how your readers do too.

  3. Just fixed my error- sorry Dawn! I've been in WDC alot and gah, still horrible with confusing genders. (You're not the only one!)