Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interview with J.D. Brown

Switching to a Vampire author- yep I definitely love vampires! Rest assured these questions don't bite. I am fortunate enough to be able to interview J.D. Brown who is currently working on several series. Wow that is a lot of work! Anyways, I bet you are eager for the interview so here it is:

What is your favorite creature (could be mythical, supernatural, paranormal, etc.)?
A: Hands down, my favorite creature is the vampire! Why? Because they can be as horrifyingly scary or as whimsically romantic as you want! Which mine are almost always romantic - and a little bit scary ...
Gotta love it! Vampires are that. *nods*
If you were riding on waves and noticed a large water-proof box on shore, what would you imagine would be in it (Note: can only hold up to 5 large items or 10 small items)?
A: It's a treasure chest! Is it a treasure chest? It's a treasure chest, right? *Looks around for Captain Sparrow*
What inspired you to write?
A: Gees I never know how to answer this one because there are many things which lead to my first novel. The characters assaulted my mind, I was unemployed at the time and so I actually HAD the time to write, but mostly because I am an artist and had the need to create art. Since I was a child I spent every moment drawing or painting or creating characters that lived in make-believe worlds. Normal kid stuff - except that with me it lasted all the way to high school. In collage, I was a fashion design major but I decided after that I like sewing clothes as a hobby, not a career. One day ... after a long creative dry spell ... a character named Jalmari popped into my head and assaulted my fantasies. He wouldn't leave. He demanded that I write his tale. So I did, and I loved every bit of it!
Hmmm... Well I'm just a Freshman in college anyway- one year since I graduated high school almost.
If you are going to enter NaNoWriMo, what kind of book do you imagine it would be?
A: I would start book one of my YA series (currently untitled). In fact - I think I will do just that, come November.
How many books have you gotten published (Is Dark Heirloom availabe to buy)?
A: Published? None. Yet. *Hopeful smile* Dark Heirloom is almost ready for submission and I'm very excited!
*dies* Okay joking I'm not going to die because your book isn't ready to buy. Can't wait to see it though!How many books are you working on?
A: Um ... define "working on"? Haha. Physically, actively, I'm working on the Dark Heirloom series - putting the finishing touches on Book One and brainstorming / outlining Book Two. In my head, though, I currently have ... *counts on fingers* ... 3 new series a hatching!
Hence why I love this question. That is alot to work on, but I am sure it is well worth the time.Would you rather spend some time alone or with your family?
A: My three favorite ways to spend time is alone, with my boyfriend, or with my family, so ... picking between the three usual comes down to my mood at the time as well as what I need to get done that day.
Moods are always important to listen too. ;)What is the craziest scenerio could you come up with?
A: For a novel or in real life? Personally, I think day to day living is a crazy enough scenario ...
*laughs* It certainly can be!
What are you writing rituals or writing routines?
A: *Smile* I come home, shower, change into sweats, put my hair up, make a cup of coffee and something light to eat, take out the dogs and then feed them, turn on my laptop, and get out my notes / draft. Then I set everything up either on my desk or my bed, and get to work. In that exact order.
If you were able to interview your favorite authors, who would they be?
A: Oh my gosh ... Anne Rice and Orson Scott Card. There are like a hundred more, but they are the top two.
I so love Anne Rice too!
 Any advice or comments would you like to add for- anyone?
A: If you find yourself laughing out loud at something funny your character did or said, than chances are your reader will laugh too. If you cry ... your reader will cry too. Write first and foremost for yourself.
I think that is true too. An author can recognize good writing based on emotions. =)
These are all great answers. I so enjoyed this interview. More interviews coming up soon too- the next one is with a published author- I am so gonna have to come up with interesting questions for them. *evil laugh* Have fun!

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  1. Great interview. You mix the fun and serious topics well. I like the variety of information that is provided with this. Well done.