Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Writing Goals

Dawn and Ashy has posted their writing goals for this year and so I'll do the same. So far however I haven't found any book that'd match my NaNo novel or even have the same type of elements... I'm sure there is one I could read though... or maybe back to reading books of various genres exception Non-fiction. (Must have actions and a storyline.) Do a few edits (of entire novel) on this one Fantasy novel which needs a better name... Currently the WIP title of the Fantasy novel is "The First Fox" and I like the feedback of Harley's review on it. First time getting it seen by a professional writer- okay she isn't published and she wouldn't call herself that yet, but I am SURE she will. Querry sure has been talked alot about... oh well that's what Novel Workshop's Workshop is for. Hehehe Okay that workshop is awsome and I have learned a lot from there. I do intend on participating in National Novel Writing Month again. Yey for craziness! Still aiming for Young Adult audience. Okay now done with writing goals. I could say I am still aiming for doing 60 fully colored drawings by the end of this year. Hmmm there are a lot of unfinished drawings floating around in my bedroom since I don't know where they are all located. I am also looking forward to creating "View of Flowers" and "The Tree of Death" (<- pawned title great idea from another classmate) for these next two weeks for Beginning Painting class.

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