Saturday, April 24, 2010

Body Language Blogfest Entry

The Blogfest is by Harley D. Palmer on completely using body language and no dialogue. I will try my best here. This scene is somewhat using a scene out of my novel but changed since I would otherwise not have a qualified scene. Goodluck to everyone who joined! Here is my entry:
There on the shore stood a fox of the same type. His snout was a little smaller, dark black nose and white on the side. The ears stood tall and straight and the tail was lowered, showing only the white tip. She stopped, shocked at the sudden appearance, admiring his handsome look.
Her heart skipped as she realized she was not dreaming or making it up, having heard that she would be very lucky to see a fox. The sunlight caught the fox at the right angle, lighting him up. Then the fox made a gesture with its paw. Kindof like saying "Follow Me."

The girl ran out of the shallow water, soaked all over. The fox's muscles were tense, signs that it is in a hurry. Then the fox looked over toward a path. The girl looked over, then back at the fox. She wondered what the fox was trying to tell her. She knew if she spoke the fox would run away too. Nodding she headed over to the path it pointed to. The fox dashed off down that path.

She ran along the path until she did not have any more breath. The fox reappeared there. Its eyes glistened as if there was a treasure to be found. She watched its body, all excited and catching her breath. Something good must be on the other side. The fox disappeared again. She went to the other side and the first thing she saw was a rainbow.


  1. oooo a rainbow! That's always a good sign. Nice job and glad to see you entered. It's not easy, and having to work out inner dialogue with the animal characters would be hard too.

  2. That was a surprise to see an exchange between an anmimal and a human. Great job.

  3. Different. I think interacting with animals is always about body language. A cool choice.


  4. I like this exchange. You condensed a big scene into a few words, and the scene itself is somehow heartwarming.

    - Eric

  5. Great scene! I recognized it and you did great with taking out the dialogue.