Friday, April 2, 2010

Another question by Harley

"What in your opinion, is the best part about writing and why? What's the worst and why?" by Harley D. Palmer.  Yep I'm slowly answering them. Would love to use more questions to use as topics.

I think the best part about writing is it (not Essays, never essays) is fun and challenging. It can even by nonsensical. Hmm Writing doesn't even need a plot! (Reference to this one short story "How to Become a Writer[?]") Okay I read so much I am not even sure of titles anymore... Oh an idea: 101 Symptoms of Overreading.

The worst part of writing is Essays. Okay I am in college and ahh it isn't at all like high school! (Okay even in high school... writing is a pain. At least I took the one that helped prepare for college. The hardest one offered.) Only someone with a talent for writing can easily pass through college. Other than essays I don't know what's the worst.

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  1. Interesting. Since I do a decent job at writing I loved essays because it was easier to bluff my way to a good grade, even in college. lol

    That is a good question and topic for the blog.