Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bar Scene Blogfest

Tara is hosting Bar Scene Blogfest which I'm proud to join to give it a try. So here is my short, made-up, blog scene which is well under 1,000 words:

* * * *

A guy comes up to the counter. He is dressed in ragged clothes and has hair as long as his beard and blue eyes.

"I would like a drink please," he asks the bar tender. The tender was occupied in getting a glass of water to someone else. This person was dressed in rich clothes and had a deck of cards on the counter.

"Want to play War?" the ragged guy asked, interested in those cards.

"No- but I can have you pick a card," the rich person replied.

"Sure, I'll go for a million dollars..." he started out, but was interrupted.

"What are you doing playing cards?" an annoying pitched woman asked.

"Betting for money," the ragged guy replied.

"Oh get out of my bar. No betting allowed," the woman snapped at both of the guys.

Not knowing she had no rights on kicking them out the two guys walked out of the bar disappointed.

* * * *
This is what I have for the scene.


  1. Very interesting! I would love to know about her and why she didn't really have the right to kick them out.

  2. Nice! Good interaction between the characters, but I agree with harley on knowing about the woman. I'd also like to know a bit more about the bar, the two men, etc. But great job! Thanks for joining my blogfest!