Friday, February 26, 2010

Interview with Harley D. Palmer

Harley D. Palmer is a fantasy writer who is currently working to become published. She is gracious enough to allow me to give my first interview with her as the chosen author to interview. (Yep she's written multiple books.) She also runs The Writers Academy, a great place to expand the writing skills! At least it'd be great for me. Harley is light blue and I am- purple. Now for the interview:

 What is your favorite color?

Black - until they make something darker! I'm not sure why this is my favorite color, it just is. It matches with everything and it usually matches my mood too. I'm a dark, cynical sort of person, so it just works for me.

I love black too!

How are your novels coming along?

Slow. I tend to skip around a bit and I am easily distracted by other things. That's why I love NaNo as it forces me to stay on track! I am a flighty sort of person - I have to write everything down in order to remember it!

I love NaNo too! What would life be without such a challenge?

If a plane is about to crash in a lake and carries all of your favorite books, which books will you try to save (keep in mind you only have enough time to pick five)?

Taking into account this is my favorite books by OTHER authors and not MY own books, then I'd have to say I'd save::

"A Cry in the Night" by Mary Higgins Clark

"Wicked" by Gregory McGuire

"The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer

"The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold" by Fransesca Lia Block

"Dancing with Dragons" by D.J. Conway
(Maybe I should go read this book!)That was hard to only choose five!

Do you have any writing rituals or writing routines?

It varies but it always starts with smoking a cigarette. Terrible habit, I know, but it helps me get my mind in the right place. Then it's a matter of sitting at the computer and typing. I usually have music playing. If I'm really stuck (or if my husband needs the computer) I get out the pencil and paper instead. I am inspired by so many things, it's hard to say that I have a ritual or a routine. I write when I'm inspired which could be at any moment - a TV show, something funny my husband said, a telephone call, something cute my son did, etc. I just get to writing when the muse is tapping me on the shoulder (or keeping me awake!)

What has inspired you to write?

Well that's easy, my son and my husband. I love writing and I always have but it seems that lately it is really part of who I am. Before it was just a hobby and something to do on the side for fun. Now, with the support and love from my husband, I am really seeing this as a career, not just a "It'd be nice to get published, maybe, someday." I am actively researching and learning and now it's "I'm going to get published!"

Must be exciting!

What happens down in the Abyss?

I'm not sure you really want to know that! It's a pretty scary place inside my head! (For those that don't know, The Abyss is what I call my soul, my mind, my heart.) It's an endless scary place, seriously. I have characters talking to me all the time, then all of my alter egos and personalities talking, story ideas, dreams, nightmares, and memories! If you do want to know, you can check out my blog Abyss of My Soul.

How many books do you have published?

None -- Yet! But I will. I'm working toward that goal as we speak!

Oh... And probably nothing I do can speed up that goal. hehehe

How many books are you working on?

Seven - technically 9 since 1 is split into three parts. Seriously, I warned you it was crazy inside my head - now do you see why?

That's a lot of books!

I'm looking forward to NaNo, and if you are able to join NaNo, what kind of book do you think it will end up?

Well for MarNoWriMo this year, I'm working on "The Faery's Tale: Part Two", so that'll be a fantasy novel of course. Then for NaNoWriMo, I might start on actually writing the story for my new character (who is really pushy) William Archer. That seems to be going towards Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I usually write Fantasy but I am lately having thoughts about Sci-Fi so who knows how it might end up!

Fantasy rocks!

Like I said, I love NaNo at it really helps to keep me focused. I should really force myself to do NaNo type rules EVERY month, but without anyone to bring out my competitve nature, it really doesn't help much! LOL

I mimic you. =)

What is the craziest scenerio could you come up with?

I hope you don't mean right this second! LOL I think at least the funniest scene I have written is in "Adventures of Ryn and Ciyme". Ciyme is a small pink, hyperactive dragon - small like the size of a kitten. She goes through the entire novel talking about eating people! I mean can you imagine? I giggle every time I think about it.

I'd love Ciyme! Even if she is crazy. LOL

I don't know if I have a "crazy" scenerio in my work....I have a lot of fight scenes, and funny moments, but nothing really crazy. Which is odd considering I'm am seriously out there. I mean, I think of crazy stuff like - if my husband is half an hour late coming home from work, I have this fear that he was hit by a car and is lying in a coma in the hospital, and he lost his phone so the doctors couldn't call me and so I will never know!! Yea, pretty crazy, ay?

Want to add any comments or advice for anyone about- anything?

Don't let others stand in the way of your dreams. Don't let their opinions or skills, or whatever stop you from doing what you love! (I did this once, married to my first husband, seriously don't ever sacrifice your dreams for the sake of another person!)

Great advice!

Thank you for taking the time to accept my first interview! I love your responses and had fun. This means I might do more interviews, well not might, I will do more interviews for a blast! I hope you had a great time too. I can't wait to pull off a different interview when you become published either... Hehe okay have fun!


  1. Of course I think this is a fabulous post! Teehee! I'm really honored that you asked me to be the first!

    Great stuff!

  2. Great questions and fabulous answers. I heard about this interview through Mireyah on Twitter. I'm glad I came to read it. I love reading author interviews, especially when I know the author.

    Wow, Harley, an interview! Feeling famous yet? I'd love to read a story about a tiny pink dragon talking about eating people. Haha!

  3. I wouldn't have said it any better myself Annie. =D I think interviewing authors would make a GREAT hobby! Just be prepared of what questions I might throw at you- Mwuahuahahaha And I'm glad I picked you Harley. ;)

  4. Well Annie, one of these days I'll get to editing it and stuff so we'll see what happens. "The Faery's Tale" is my big baby and I really want to focus on the rewrite for that at the moment.

    I have been thinking lately that I need to let it go for a while and work on something else. *sigh* We'll see.